Friday, May 14, 2010

New Valve Cover Gasket

Ordered a new valve cover gasket from E-Basic Power ( Went on faith and just ordered a gasket for a 140 HP GM engine. When it came in everything looked good, however, it had one extra mounting hole. Everything else lined up nice so pulled out the Ultra Gray. Put some on the engine block. Put the gasket in place. A little more Ultra Gray on the valve cover and set it inplace. All the bolt holes lined up. So snugged it up finger tight and waited an hour for the silicon to setup. After it had set, snugged up the bolts and all looks good.

While the cover was off the motor the valves looked good. Everything was really clean and the oil looked nice and clear. Engine appears to be in really good condition on the inside. Will have to see if the leak is cleared up and no more oil coming out the valve cover. If that is fixed, then we may actually degrease the bilge.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

First Time out 2010

Took her out to lake Muskogee south of Tulsa, OK for the first time in 2010. Motor and drives ran fine. Ramps were too shallow and ended up banking the prop. Will get to go to the prop shop and have the prop dressed out. Check out this web site for more information on Okmulgee State Park. Boat launch is free, just keep the lower unit tilted up and till you have backed off the ramp. The lake is about 30 feet deep.