Saturday, September 29, 2012

2012 ACBS Boat Show

WOW !!!

110 Boats all in pristine condition. I was just honored to have my boat there so I would have a place to sit in the shade when I was done looking at the show boats. Wood boats, fiber glass boats, new classic boats, old classic boats, etc. Check out for pictures from the show. Also on the site there is a report.

The down side, as I put the boat on the trailer I found an oily film on the water behind the boat. Hmmmm what could this be? Got her on the trailer and pulled up to the parking area. Started looking around and found that one of the right hand side hydraulic lines was seeping. At least that is what I think. There is an oily film on the line. Guess that will be the next project.

While we were on Tablerock lake we ran from Big Cedar up to Indian Point. The Floating Cafe has been completely redone and still serves excellent food. The round trip is 16NM. Check out the floating cafe website at