Friday, October 10, 2008

10-10-2008 Catchup

Spent last weekend working out the motor. She is idling nice now and picks up the prop without stumbling at all. Installed new gaskets in the tilt gear box and have hopefully put that problem to bed for a few years. Started making the parts for the new transom. The port side parts are made. The starboard side parts are this weeks goal.

New engine gauges and cooling hoses are here. This weekends goal is to get the new tach installed so that I can see how fast she is turning to get the idle set a little better and then the oil pressure gauge installed to confirm that is all ok there. I also have the a new water pump hose to install to stop the biggest of the small leaks.

On the down side the bottom of the exhaust manifold is leaking water. I am afraid it may be close to being rusted through. Manifolds are really expensive so I am hoping not.

Found a new trim unit on e-bay. it should be here next week. Once it is here and installed the select trim function will be up and running. At this point I am racing cold weather. I would like to try to get it in the water this year but that is starting to look unlikely.