Saturday, April 16, 2011

Oil Change

Well it is the time of year again. Time to change the engine oil. Last year I borrowed a friends electric oil changer. This year I wanted to get my own. I did the research and none of the electric units that were under $100 got good reviews. However the manual Mityvac got good reviews so I purchased one.

Today I hooked up the water line to the out drive and fired her up. She started right up like she always does. After the idle smoothed out, I let her run for about 30 minutes. Until the tatle tale water was nice and hot. Then I shut her down, setup the Mityvac and followed its instructions. The oil came right out with no mess, no fuss, worked GREAT.

Four quarts of fresh Amsoil 5w-30 and a new Amsoil marine duty filter. Everything buttoned up, turned the water back on and fired her up again. No leaks. Next stop the lake.