Friday, January 28, 2011

MerControl Update

Ok, decided that I want an old style MerControl that was age appropriate for the engine. Ended up purchasing 3 of them off of E-Bay to get working parts. Finally found a combination of parts that produced a working unit with parts that were not too worn out. Hooked up the cables and nothing worked !!!! ARG !!! Discovered I had the cables backwards. Swapped them around and now things worked better. Throttle still bound up though and found that the plunger that holds the warm up lever down was missing. Found a control back that still had the plunger. Put everything back together and now the throttle works a little better. Took it all apart again and liberally lubricated with silicon spray. Pulled cable core out and lubricated cable, put it all back together and things worked pretty well. But, it does not shift the lower unit !!!

Now to the shift plate behind the engine. Adjusted the cable attach points on the lever arms to get more throw. Reverse engages, but not forward. But got a clue. The rocker switch for ignition cut out is engaging. Turn prop by hand and it still engaged. Adjusted the upper shift cable and everything engages. Couple more checks. Now we are ready for engine run. Still below freezing temps so not going to fire it up yet.