Saturday, August 11, 2012

Last 3 Weekends

The last 3 weekends were great !! Got the boat on the water all 3 times with no problems Spent some time on Lake Keystone and Lake Ft. Gibson. Introduced a girl scout troop to boating and tubing. The ladies had a great time. For an inexpensive tube check out This turns out to be an inexpensive alternative to the OBrien Le Tube. I picked up the Kwik Tek and hooked it up behind the boat. Pulled easy and the girls loved it. Only problem is after about 3 runs you need to drain some of the water out of it. Other than that it pulls great. Easy to slide it in and out of the wake. Riders get good air from time to time. Anyway, next several weekends will be busy with non-boating stuff. Bummer.