Friday, February 3, 2012

2012 Tulsa Boat Show

Made it out to the Tulsa Boat show tonight. Lots of shiny boats to look at and climb all over. Some very nice cuddies by Ray Marine. Also a couple interesting large bow riders by Crownline. None of the Bayliner Discovery series cuddies were there but they had some nice bow rider boats as well. Plenty of campers as well as vendors showing off their stuff. Managed to get in and out without spending any money. Well I did drop $40 on food !!

The Norseman is sitting on the trailer with the cover over her. Got to start working on some new windows for her now that I have figured out how to get them out. My oldest who is working on learning to skipper the boat wants me to convert to electronic shift that we saw at the show. That is not going to happen any time soon of course. But I am considering hydraulic steering up grade this year.

Headed to the Heartland Classics restoration workshop at the end of the month. Check out this link for all the information Lots of good info their for us crazies that keep the old ones running.