Saturday, July 25, 2009

Depth Finder Works !!!

Short trip out to Keystone today. While gone for the last couple of weeks I send the Garmin 178C back for service. Recall, that the depth finder side of this unit has not worked yet. So, prior to going to the east coast for 3 weeks, I sent it back for warranty service. It was waiting for me when I got back. Dropped it in and took her to the lake. IT WORKS !!! Took a couple of tries to figure it out, but Garmin ( tech support was great, consistent, and easy to work with. They never tried to make it sound like the problems were my fault, or an installation problem that I was responsible for. They gave me a check list to run down. After running through the list they said it was their problem please send it back. They first thought it was the transducer, so I exchanged that part first. That was not it, next they said send back the whole unit, which they exchanged in about a week. Great support by my standards. I have spent many hours arguing with other vendors so this was refreshing. Anyway, the 178C worked great.

However, the starting relay is going out. Turned the key, heard clicking but no starter turning. Little trouble shooting found that the relay was not closing. Out comes the pock knife, bridge the contacts, and she fires right up. We stopped for lunch at a beach. After sandwiches, she fired right up so its on the way out. Checked the diagrams and the parts list, guess what, at some point in the past some one bolted up a non-marine relay on the motor. Really no surprise there, as the marine relay is pretty expensive, but that explains why it failed as it is not sealed. I am sure the contacts are corroded.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Keystone Last Weekend Jun 2009

Took out our exchange student through the Girl Scout camp program. Boat ran great. Did a lot of tubing and swimming. Ended up spending almost 5 hours on the water. While swimming I anchored the boat in about 3 feet of water out from the beach. Here is the interesting thing, when I put it back on the trailer there was hardly any water in her. Maybe the water is due to not getting the plug tight enough. Or maybe with use, some of the seals are starting to swell up now.

The bad news is the Garmin 178C did not work again. The new transducer was installed, but still no depth. I sent the whole unit back for service. The good news it is under waranty and so far Garmin has been easy to work with. Hopefully this will do the trick.

I put her on the trailer. Still got it to deep. The bow never hits the lead roller which I think is what is required for it to center up properly. Next time I am going to lay the rollers out flat and back up until they are just in the water. Then see what happens.

Hope everyone had a safe 4th.