Monday, September 7, 2009

Starting Relay

Just read back over and realized I left the starting relay saga un-resolved. Well, it turns out I was able to track the part number down to a Sierra number. O'Riley's auto carries Sierra parts. Turns out they had the relay in stock and it was less expensive than originally advertised. Long story short, problem was fixed in about an hour for less than $20.

Labor Day

Ok, its been a while, but I have been busy. Finally got to the lake today. All ran well. Little swimming and tubing with the kids. Accidentally ran the lower unit into some mud. Little disappointed that the clutch did not kick out and let the unit swing up. No damage seemed to come from it so all is well.

I modified the trailer with some V-Bunks on the second roller, the idea being to lift and center the boat as she comes on to the trailer. This worked like a charm !! Just kept her roughly centered as I approached the trailer. I felt her hit the bunks and then slide down on to the rollers and just coasted right up into the forward rest. WOW, no fussing and wrestling. Just hook up the winch line, snug it up, shut down and jump in the truck. Think I am going to add some stern guides to help center her up there. She is sitting a little to the left on the trailer.