Sunday, September 28, 2008

9-28-2008 The Engine Runs !!!

The new distributor kit from Michigan Motorz arrived. It installed easy and timed out. After installing fuel systems and a couple of other parts for the fuel system I cranked like crazy and after a little while she actually lit off and cleared a lot of gunk and what not from the system and then settled down and ran smooth. Lots of small water leaks at the various gaskets, but that can be worked out.

After shutting it down. I hooked up the shift wires and then fired it back up. She SHIFTS !! However, only guage that works is the amp meter. Good news the alternator is working.

Before too much more running is done the oil pressure and temperature guages have to get working.

Monday, September 22, 2008

9-22-2008 Floor, Tilt and Carb

Well this past weekend was spent getting the floor panels cut and fit checked. All of the parts fits. Next they will be painted with Gluvit for preservation.

Got the Tilt system sort of working. The new motor runs but it does not tilt the motor up correctly. You have to help it up. Started checking and cleaning and performance was somewhat improved, however, it is not what it should be. Next all the wires are going to be inspected and potentially replaced with new copper along with new tilt solenoids. The housing will be inspected as well and potentially have the parts replaced with a new clutch pack.

The Carb looks ok on the motor however, I think I have figured out that the choke spring is broken. Not sure. need to pull off the automatic choke cover and see. I am thinking about just replacing the carb, however, I would like to actually get the motor running before I put too much more money in it. I have a new distributor and coil on the way as it was determiend to be more cost effective to put in a modern electronic distributor than spend all the money on parts for new points, caps, etc. Plus, the distributor looks like heck and there is a lot corrosion.

In case you are interested you can find lots of useful parts at the following companies.

Michigan Motorz
E-Basic Power

Saturday, September 13, 2008

9-13-2008 Installed Console

Well, the new console is installed. A couple of pieces still need to be marked and drilled. Also picked up the ply wood for the new deck and some Gluvit epoxy sealer. All of the deck material will get a coat of epoxy prior to installing. Ordered the fuel tank today and picked up some oil for the tilt gear case.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

9-6-2008 New Tilt Motor

The new tilt motor came in along with a manual. Motor was installed and now the lower unit can be raised and lowered. Using the manual the wiring was sorted out and all of the junk that has been added over the years was removed. The weird thing is that the manual says there should be a Blue connector at the motor, however, the diagram for the V8 says there should be a yellow and black connector at the motor. My motor has the yellow and black connector and seems to follow the V8 diagram. Who knows.

The control panel rebuild is coming along. A polyurethane stain is being used over the seal ply wood. Results are looking pretty good.